The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Saturday, 17 September 2016

IDF says Syria fired missiles at its jets

It is highly unusual for Syria to fire on Israeli warplanes. This week Syria claims to have shot at Israeli planes twice. In fact it said it had shot one down – but this was denied by Israel. It shows that Assad is feeling confident as Russia firmly backs the Syrian president.

Arab media report that Russia has given Assad’s forces a green light to shoot down Israeli aircraft while they are conducting strikes in Syria. The missiles shot this week apparently were shot with Russia’s agreement and full consent.

This could be part of the geopolitics being played out between the superpowers. Russia wants a deal with the US over Syria. The US is very wary and doesn’t trust Russia. So Russia allows Syria to shoot at Israel’s planes. In effect saying this could get much worse if you don’t do a deal. The Bible says it will get much worse in Syria.

On Friday there was supposed to be an urgent UN Security Council meeting where Russia and America would present their joint agreement over Syria. The meeting was abruptly cancelled amid disagreements between the two nations over the deal. Russia accused the United States of refusing to share documents. The United States has been reluctant to release the details, citing security concerns for some US-backed groups fighting in Syria.

We can see the huge distrust between Russia and the US being played out here. Will they become allies over the situation in Syria? The Bible’s answer is no. The Bible says that the King of the north and king of the south are to be enemies not allies. It also says that Syria will come to an end as a nation. This is the direction of events to come